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Ottawa FAQ

Is a Lawyer the Same as an Attorney?

Yes. In Ontario criminal lawyers are both barristers and solicitors. In the United States lawyers are referred to as attorneys. We are all lawyers. To practise law in Ontario, one has to pass the bar exams, be insured, and continue studying law to maintain and update the lawyer's knowledge.

Who are the experts in criminal law?

In Ontario only lawyers (attorneys) who have met the requirements of the Law Society of Ontario are permitted to call themselves experts: the official name is "Certified Specialist". Certified Specialists have additional educational requirements that must be met each year. Rosalind Conway, C.S., is a certified specialist in criminal law.

Why hire a criminal lawyer?

Although you may represent yourself in criminal court, you should hire a lawyer because it is difficult to represent yourself. Even lawyers hire other lawyers when they have legal problems. A criminal lawyer can help protect your reputation, your livelihood and your future.

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